Mega Man Joins the Super Smash Bros Roster for Next Game

To close up the Nintendo Direct presentation that Nintendo hosted in place of their usual E3 conference, we got a first look at two brand new games in the Super Smash Bros series, one for 3DS and an accompanying title for Wii U.

We also got to see two brand new characters added to the line-up of usual heroes that we can expect to see in the new games.

First up was the Villager from Animal Crossing (With a hint that Tom Nook might join as well), but there weren’t many details showing us what the Villager can do.

Secondly came Mega Man though, which was a refreshing change. Going back to his early designs, this incarnation of Mega Man brings a few weapons from some vanquished Robot Masters, such as Crash Man’s bomb, Wood Man’s leaf shield and several others. It was also confirmed that Roll would be joining him in this latest Smash Bros title.

Mega Man will be available as a playable character on both of the new versions of Super Smash Bros.