Eidos Montreal’s Thief – Still a Thief in the Making

Unveiled in February this year, the reboot of Thief presents a promising game but there are a few things in the gameplay that will need sorting.

Still a year ahead of its expected release date, demos were rolled out to give an idea of what the game has to offer. You control the aster thief Garrett and go out on a stealing spree. Though plagued, “The City” has a lot of riches up for grabs.

It’s a stealth based game with a reduced quantity of showdowns with the enemy – sneaky moves, hiding behind the shadows and surprise attacks will be your assets.

Though still an improvement from the previous installation, the game still has a long way to go if it were to become a really famous fun game. While some of Garrett’s ammo might come in pretty handy to you like fire, joining ropes and steel tipped arrows, he still carries dull and nearly harmless arrows that might not do you much good.

The AI is impressive in some instances, too attentive in the rest for you might find yourself hidden in a closed ended nook while the guards decide to stand their ground and not move an inch for a long time. That is where you might have to jump right onto them – so much for stealth maintenance.

But hey, Garrett comes with his own expertise too! He is good at what he does so his “Focus” can lead you to the objective in question and warn you about seemingly unknown dangers by lighting up the area/object that is harmful to you.

“Focus” would be, by far, the most prized possession as the player can find the object to steal from the whole room using a portion of his Focus even if it is hidden somewhere. It will also help you sort out puzzles required in order to gain access to the objects and obviously, help you undertake an effective attack on your opponent. Sadly, once your focus meter is emptied you are vulnerable.

The character might come in sluggish at times and you might find yourself wishing you could speed him up for there will be occasions when the otherwise surreptitious Garrett is on the run.

But the game gives you impressive playgrounds with a lot of quality designs and more than one ways around a goal – which means you have a freedom of choice.

Over all, the game does look to have the potential of turning out to be a good venture but that might require some more work on the current state that it is in. But Eidos probably has that in mind already.

Thief hits the racks in 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC together.