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Decision of DRM for Used PS4 Games is “Up to Publishers” – Sony

Sony won this year’s E3 by simply stating that the PlayStation 4 “won’t pose any new restrictions on the use of PS4 gamers.” The statement was of course in direct retaliation to Microsoft’s new DRM policy regarding the sale of used games and was enough to make the E3 crowd go bananas.

That said, Sony may have left a small detail out. Jack Tretton spoke on GTTV today revealing that the DRM decision is actually left with the publishers.

“The DRM decision for third-party games will be up to publishers,” said Tretton.

So basically we’re back at square one. Sony did what they had to do to win the crowd and with that positive coverage. However, as things stand publishers of PlayStation 4 games are free to slap redemption codes or restrictions on used games if they so please.