The Crew is Ubisoft’s New Open-World Racer

Ubisoft announced a new driving franchise called The Crew at its E3 conference today.

As detailed in earlier rumors, the Crew is an open-world racer being developed by Ivory Tower and will see to a release early next year for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Ubisoft chief Yves Guillemot promised that the game would “revolutionize the genre” of racing games and for that purpose alone they are using next-gen hardware to “change the status quo” of the said franchise.

The game features a pretty robust online mode where players go in as packs to infiltrate and bring down criminal organizations one city at a time.

According to the publisher “there is no separation between the online multiplayer and the single-player experience”.

A demo featured four players playing in four different US cities: one was racing in an illegal street race, the other racing against a ghost, the third one was going through a 20-second trial and the final player called upon all three to join him in a co-op mission in Miami.