Xbox One Comes With Upload Studio and Supports Twitch Streaming

E3 simply doesn’t let the adrenaline rush slow down. In a live demonstration during Microsoft’s conference at the expo, it was revealed that the highly awaited console will support Twitch video streaming, and Smart Glass technology integrated into it!

After a live match of Killing Instinct between two presenters, the high tech features of Xbox One were rolled out. Now the Xbox Live Members will be able to create recordings of their game and share it with their friends all around using Twitch, the famed game streaming portal!

This is change has been made seemingly to counter the dedicated Share button to be provided on PlayStation 4 controllers.

Simply redoubling the anxiousness regarding Xbox One among the fans, it was exhibited how Smart Glass will allow players to; share real-time stats of their game with others, buy ad-on content and set up matches at the same time.

An Xbox exclusive Upload Studio has been introduced which the user will be able to use through Smart Glass, meaning that now you can record your gameplay and upload it to YouTube and other video websites over the cloud.

Bound to be an integral part of the Xbox Live Membership; the Smart Glass app is an attempt to revamp the whole gaming experience –literally next gen material!