Project Spark is an Exclusive World Builder for Xbox One

Fancy creating yourself your very own world with your own rules and then interacting within it during gameplay? If so, then Project Spark is the game for you.

Microsoft announced the new game maker during their E3 conference today and confirmed the title to be exclusive to the Xbox One.

Players utilize the powers of both the Smart Glass and Kinect to issue orders and create content on the fly. There is a wide variety of options available to the creator, including different types of terrains (mountains, rivers, grass plains, etc.); issuing the time of day (day or night); adding different kinds of objects, building towns and what not.

Once things get settled down players may also want to host events, such as setting up battles. Everything in the game has its own “brain,” and it learns upon interacting with the environment. That’s something, which will literally give a breath of life to your custom world.

All user-made content can also be shared with the community, with players able to mix or modify content on the fly.

You can check out the accompanying trailer to get a better idea of Project Spark.