Mirror’s Edge 2 Announced, Will Ship “When It’s Ready”

Seems like all the rumors popping up on the web this year were true. Mirror’s Edge 2 exists and was announced just moments ago by EA during their E3 conference.

The sequel to the running platformer is powered by the new Frostbite 3 engine and looks jaw-dropping. I know we’re viewing every game with the notion of next-gen but Mirror’s Edge 2 looks to me like the first game so far which actually can hold the title of next-gen proudly.

The protagonist from the first game, Faith, returns and this time around will also be packing some crude moves.

A release date or information regarding platforms was not given. EA did though say that the game will release “when it’s ready”. Seems like a clear indication that we won’t be seeing Mirror’s Edge 2 until 2014.