Microsoft E3 2013 Roundup – Xbox One Exclusives and More

So, now that we’re past Microsoft’s main press conference at E3 and that means that the news is beginning to flood in. E3 2013 is a particularly important year, since we’re finally getting to see details on the new consoles and we can finally get a decent idea of what to expect. Microsoft have had a bit of a poor time following the reveal event for their new flagship console, but did E3 help to make up for that?

First up, let’s take a moment to think about the price and release date. Phil Spencer was on stage to tell us that the new console will cost $499 in North American territories, and £429 over here in the UK. The hefty UK price tag has me rather miffed, especially when you translate the price in pound sterling back to dollars, it’s $666.07 (It made me laugh), which is over $150 more than the US version. The price tag is high now, but it might go down over time. Remember how much the PS3 cost at launch?

The November release window was appreciated though. A month before Christmas gives people plenty of time to get ready for that hectic holiday season, and early adopters don’t have to wait all that much longer to get their hands on the console.

Of particular importance for any console is the games. We already know the hardware specs for the Xbox One, but what kind of games can we actually expect to see should we buy an Xbox One?

World of TanksMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were both announced as non-exclusive titles. MGSV opened the conference which definitely stunned some people. The World of Tanks footage was also highly impressive, so I’m hoping that it is received well by the Xbox community.

Some exclusive titles were shown off, including Dead Rising 3, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Ryse: Son of Romean all new Halo game that I’m hoping is Halo 5Sunset OverdriveKiller Instinct, Crimson Dragon, D4 and Titanfall.

That’s a huge amount of games to all be announced for one console all at once! And think, that’s not even all of them as we’ve got a ton of multi-platform games that are still to be shown off at this E3 such as Assassin’s Creed IV and Battlefield 4. There’s also titles such as Call of Duty: Ghosts that was confirmed to be a launch exclusive title.

Considering that there are a significant number of people that were bothered by Microsoft’s lack of games shown off at the Xbox One reveal event last month, it’s clear that they were saving a lot of that for E3. The sheer number of games that we know will be on the Xbox One is actually quite impressive. In just a few hours, the console has gone from having no games to having more than I can keep up with.

Games like CoD: Ghosts and Titanfall heading up the Xbox One as a console for the gamer who cares more about multiplayer are great incentives for considering the Xbox One as their console of choice. If multiplayer isn’t your flavour, then huge singleplayer titles like Destiny from Bungie, or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from CD Projekt RED should get you raring for more.

All in all, I was certainly swayed more in the Xbox One’s favour after today’s conference. With a press conference from Ubisoft still to come, and all the great announcements during EA’s conference, there’s still room for even more games to be announced for the Xbox One. It currently has a huge amount of potential, and it could still all depend on Sony’s conference to see who wins E3 this year.