Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets First Trailer, Release Pushed Back to Fall 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition got a little showcase during EA’s E3 press conference earlier today. During the presentation, it was announced that the game would be releasing on next-generation consoles during the Autumn/Fall of next year, which is a significant delay compared to the originally envisioned late 2013 release.

The open world game will be running on DICE’s Frostbite engine, which seems to be a favorite between developers at the moment, considering that BioWare, Visceral Studios and DICE themselves are all working on games using this engine.

A “vast, open world, where your choices not only affect the story but the world around you” was promised, suggesting that there would be many more consequences of your actions. Perhaps you’ll have more power than ever before.

Also worth noting is that ‘3’ has been dropped from the title, shortening it to just Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Does this mean something for the series? Or do EA just want to forget about the bad early press behind Dragon Age 2?