Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One Exclusive Title

Capcom took the opportunity of Microsoft’s E3 conference to announce Dead Rising 3 exclusively for the Xbox One.

The third installment in the open-world survival horror franchise will release this holiday and will feature a new protagonist by the name of Nick Ramos.

The accompanying trailer showed Nick using a variety of weapons, including a wrench, tactical handgun, his bare fists and a uniquely assembled sledgehammer-chainsaw mash-up.

A bonus feature is that the game will not have any load times. Dead Rising 3 is open-world with weapons or to-be weapons lying at every corner. All you have to do is find the necessary ingredients and use the game’s new crafting system to come up with weird, yet deadly weapons.

There will also be plenty of ways to distract the undead, who are this time more sensitive to movement. In the trailer Ramos is shown distracting a horde by setting up a lit flare.

Dead Rising 3 will also feature SmartGlass integration, which was demoed on stage with Nick calling in artillery support on a horde of zombies.

The first Dead Rising title was launched back in August of 2006 exclusively for the Xbox 360 and back then featured Frank West as the protagonist; who found himself trapped in a mall filled with zombies.