Total War: Rome 2 Offers In-depth Strategy, Large Scale Battles and Chance To Relive History

With over 500 units in nearly 200 regions, SEGA’s sequel to Total War promises grandeur. Hitting the rack on September 3rd this year we are expecting that the expanse of this real-time strategy game will keep you rounded for quite a long time.

The game’s developers, Creative Assembly are pretty enthusiastic about the scale and tactical emphasis of the game. They have made it complex enough for you to spend hours on it. Since the game was first announced two years ago, we have had more than a couple of glimpses at what the game has to offer for example The Battle of Teutoburg  – detail, in depth strategy and reliving history are the words of the day!

You will get a collection of viewing angles ranging from an over-the-top camera to show you the whole formation of your soldiers to close ups on an individual soldier that will let you experience the game from his perspective – the idea is to make it as personal as possible.

The detail is simply spectacular whether you look at the battle at large or a skirmish between single units. Creative Assembly have made sure you see everything you want; even the folds of an elephant’s skin.

Rome 2 will include a larger variety of civilizations, going as far as the Barbarians of the Northern Forest or Bedouins from the deserts. Building on the previous, really famed version of the game; Total War: Shogun 2, this sequel is going to include battlegrounds on land as well as sea.

You will be able to relive historic wars, put yourselves in the shoes of lieges with the likes of Julius Caesar, Cleopatra or Ptolemy the Macedonian general. The wars will be set in the same context except for the fact that you will get to reinvent the battle with your own strategy.

Players will have to understand their enemy and then form attacks as all the hordes won’t be the same, for instance, the Egyptians excel with elephants that the Romans would not know of; you will have to maneuver your army around, find the weaker points and start from there instead of a heads on.

Just to add to the tactical delicacy introduced by the previous versions, now you will have to keep in mind non war elements even more. Let’s just say that you will need to keep your own populace motivated enough to stand by you, otherwise you might face a rebellion.

Resources will still be an integral part just easier to manage due to the enhanced interface of the game. You can also control the type of population you have, for example, a war god temple at your town will render the people to be more warriors like.

In a press briefing, Al Bickham, the communications manager at CA shared: “We know we have the following to make this a very big deal. It’s a very big game, the biggest Total War game we have ever made.”

The campaign map would include Western Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and even Asia Minor this gives you a chance to experience an array of fighting styles and weaponry. Not to forget the layouts of the city that will vary from a barbaric outlook to a more exotic one.

Now that you have a greater quantity of counterparts to your civilization, trade and diplomatic terms would award you with alliances and vice versa for a hostile attitude towards them. The reputation of your liege and the legion will be built with the process of time based on how to attend to warfronts and allies –giving an implication of a multiplayer worthy gameplay.

Creative Assembly has surely put themselves into the project and they are boasting of a lengthy yet addictive gameplay. Do you think Total War: Rome 2 will live up to the expectations?