Tekken Revolution Announced as F2P Title for PS3

A new Tekken Revolution was announced yesterday which is going to be an exclusive title for the PlayStation 3. What’s surprising is that the title will also be free-to-play and it’s suspected that it will be accompanied by an in-game store boasting microtransactions.

Exact details for the game are not known but with E3 just a day away, Namco Bandai may probably be planning to reveal additional information right from the expo.

For now we only have a press release from Namco Bandai which speaks of a new leveling system through which players will earn Skill Points that can be spent to increase your character’s attributes.

For the first time in TEKKEN history players will be able to level-up their characters, increasing three key attributes; Strength, Endurance and Vigor, to create a combatant tuned to individual play styles. Develop a defensive tank character with high HP to withstand knockout blows while offense focused players can create a damage-inflicting character with low health but high critical hit rates to devastate opponents with a flurry of attacks.

A debut trailer released includes Paul, Bryan, Kazuya and Lars. It’s uncertain as to who else is making the roster but according to Namco the game will feature “an initial cast of eight iconic Tekken characters”.

Perhaps the rest will be unlocked through points earned in the game.

Tekken Revolution was let loose by the Australian Classification Board last month who rated the game “M”.

The game releases on June 11, 2013.