Skylanders Swap Force Pre-orders Now Available

It’s been a couple of months since we saw the announcement of Skylanders: Swap Force, so what’s changed? Well, today it was confirmed that pre-orders would be available worldwide. With four months until the official release date, is this move too early for the series, or will it help to consolidate the power-block that the Skylanders series has built around itself.

Now, the traditional selling point of the Skylanders games is the Skylanders figures themselves. Collecting all of them is a somewhat large investment, regardless of the Skylanders game you’re playing, but each one is a unique character that is playable in the game itself.

Since this new game inevitably means more models to collect, Swap Force offers a starter pack which will set you back $74.99. You’ll get an extra model if you pre-order, and you should get one or two extras with the package itself. If you want the rest of the models though, they’re $9.99 each for the originals, or $14.99 for the new Swap Force characters.

There’s 16 new models (The Swap Force characters I just mentioned), but their hook is that you can disassemble them into two parts and then swap those pieces with the parts of other Swap Force models, allowing for up to 256 combinations.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to use your old Skylander models with this new game, meaning that those of you that have already invested heavily into the Skylanders series won’t have done it all for not. However, the old portal (The device you use to scan in the models) won’t be useable with Swap Force, so you’ll have to purchase the new portal as part of the starter package or as a separate purchase.

Well, there’s lots of time to get your pre-orders in, as Swap Force doesn’t release in North America until October 13, with a October 16 release date for Australia, and finally October 18 for European regions.

Source: Game Informer