Unconfirmed: Microsoft Cancels Media Roundtable Discussions at E3

After the amount of talking Microsoft did at its Xbox One reveal and subsequently to journalists about the restrictive DRM, lack of in-game footage, always-on Kinect and mandatory Internet checks, it’s only natural Microsoft put its foot in its mouth. Now that E3 is right around the corner it looks like that foot is going to remain firmly in place.

A Toronto Sun reporter, Steve Tilley, claims that he received a press message from Microsoft stating there would be no roundtable discussions for the Xbox One. His tweet caught the attention of the good folks at Gameranx, who brought them to the attention of everyone else:

Got PR email saying core roundtable no longer offered due to ‘changes in our executives’ schedules’ :-/

It doesn’t surprise me one bit that Microsoft would shy away from talking to game journalists after the fiasco last month. If they don’t have anything worthwhile to show or talk about, then it would make sense to avoid talking at all. This doesn’t bode well for everyone looking forward to hearing about the games of Xbox One, however. Microsoft has spent the last few weeks appealing to our E3 cravings, saying all would be answered in the Los Angeles Convention Center. But if that tweet is accurate, and Microsoft’s executives had schedule changes, it begs the question, what the hell is more important than good PR for your new console?

The press at large is convinced of one of two things. Either Microsoft simply hasn’t came to an agreement on their policies and are avoiding confusing us further or they have already finalized their policies and are avoiding a negative spin on their E3 performance. Either way, the key word is “avoiding,” and just how long does Microsoft think it can get away from the public hot seat before they eventually fry in it?