Many Reasons You Should Play Elder Scrolls Online

Coming out large as all the popular online games do, Elder Scrolls Online is further enhancing its dynamism through its transition from a single player stand alone game to a hugely anticipated MMO.

Looking at the seemingly endless terrain of 188000 square miles offered by the Daggerfall, we can assume that Elder Scrolls Online will house a similar expanse, dripping of danger across the never-ending unknown lands.

The terrain will be wild with unexpected enemies everywhere though some of the regions will be locked and might have to wait for future expansions and updates.

You are “the soulless one” and will be roaming about to explore all five of the Tamriel provinces in the quest to find and defeat Molag Bal, the father of vampires and recapture his soul.

Adding the Massively Multiplayer Option to the game will dynamically change how existing players see Elder Scrolls games since now you will be able to tag along together and plan out attacks with each other.

Advancing options will be further enhanced by the inclusion of Alliance Points and Alliance Ranks through PvP, which allow you to get a hold of siege weapons and skill trees.

Looking at the graphical aspect; the detail will be good enough to keep you glued to the screen. It is the only game that has been set prior to the era of the Dragonborn emperor of Nordic descends Tiber Spetim, many of the ruins you see in the current versions of the game will be shown as whole and in use.

Personalization will be improved as players will be allowed to interact with virtually all the characters in the game and choose whatever way they want their player’s outlook to be.

Originally, you can choose between nine different races for example the Wood Elves of Aldmeri Dominion or the Bretons of the Daggerfall Covenant but the weapons, armor and dress would be purely your choice.

Elder Scrolls Online uses the similar dynamic combat system that the single player games use, which means you will have to face the enemy in order to hit them though you can target a single person out of a crowd and your player would go for him, specifically; that is, even if they try to hide behind others.

When you gear up for Elder Scrolls Online, make sure you have vampires and werewolves in mind owing to the imminent presence of Molag Bal and Camlorn city’s repute – not to forget the lycan issue of Daggerfall Covenant.

To top it with a cherry, Elder Scrolls Online will be fully integrated with Social Media through plug-ins so that you can share your achievements with friends too!

Just like the expanse of the game is overwhelming while oozing of fear at the same time; it will prove to be a competitive blend of Elder Scroll’s traditional style and MMO that might just change the genre.

Do you think it will pose a competition to the World of WarCraft as tough as it seems?