E3 Trailer for Lightning Returns Revealed

Today Square Enix decided to show some real love for the third and final installment in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy by showing us a ton of stuff for FFXIII: Lightning Returns. Today we’ve been blessed with a trailer, release date, cover art, and collectors edition details.

First up is the matter of the release date, which you can check out here. It’s worth nothing that the originally projected Autumn/Fall release date has fallen through.

There’s also the E3 trailer that you can check out at the top of this article. If you watch closely you’ll be inundated with details of the plot, as well as a close look at the city of Yusnaan. It also seems that Snow Villiers is making a return.

Finally there’s the box art and collectors edition to check. Square Enix were nice enough to show us the Lightning Box, which is a (currently) Japanese-only special edition of the game that comes with the different box art as well as some exclusive goodies including a statue of Lightning and soundtracks. You can check out both the box art and the contents of the Lightning Box below.

Source: Gearnuke