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Agni’s Philosophy Listed on Amazon as PS4 Title

In the wake of Final Fantasy Versus XIII being removed completely from Amazon, Agni’s Philosophy has now found its way onto the online retailer’s website as a PlayStation 4 title.

Square Enix’s tech demo, which was first revealed during E3 last year, was spotted today on the United Kingdom and France division of Amazon. However, as of now the listing has been removed from both sites.

During the PlayStation 4 reveal in February of this year, Final Fantasy brand director and producer on many Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts titles Shinji Hashimoto revealed that a new Final Fantasy title is in development for the new console.

An earlier rumor suggested that Square Enix wants to release Final Fantasy Versus XIII under a different name. Hence the game was previously removed from Amazon.

With the inclusion of Agni’s Philosophy and Sony’s E3 conference around the corner; the new Final Fantasy title may well be utilizing the next-gen platform to its fullest and we could see the announcement at E3.

Source. GearNuke