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Wolfenstein: The New Order Delivers a Fine Nazi Experience

Shipping you directly into an aura of up-tightness The New Order starts off with a scene that drips of the fear of losing your life.

Set in the post-World War 2 era where the Nazis have taken over the world and the acclaimed hero William Joseph Blazkowicz aka B.J takes it upon him to fight through the strongholds of a fierce yet cunning enemy.

One thing that the players are going to be amused yet stressed by is the setting that commences the game.

Machine Games introduces a psychological touch to it at the hands of a baleful old hag named Frau Echer, who puts you through a test of Aryan purity – failing at which would cost you your life, hence unrolling an array of fear that would loom over you for quite a few sections of the game. The behavior of B.J shows a clear streak of rage that goes as far as cursing the moon for it has housed a Nazi.

The intricate graphics give you a bit too much of detail to ensure life-like experiences, which actually stand quite contrary to the unrealistic features that it allows you. For instance, B.J can dual-wield almost everything from insanely destructive shotguns to machine guns. Though it permits you all the freedom of choice when it comes to weapons, the game will not be as easy going as it seems.

The levels of toughness have been deliberately raised enough to make quite a few gamers slam their controllers on the table.

The Nazis, being the cunning-ass deceivers they are would not let you get hold of the battleground simply by a shower of bullets rather it will be the user who will need to first save his ass from their constantly maneuvered attacks and then lurk up to get a clean shot.

However, that is not all what the game is about; it will break you off from the blood rushing scenes of grotesque killing once in a while and take you to investigate the scenes. Gearing you up with tools like a laser that can cut through metal either to sneak inside or to break down holdings to make way for yourself – it is partial engineering as well!

Sections like these and slightly mocking taunts that B.J passes a few times to the enemy try to alleviate the mood but rest assured it won’t last long; you will be on the edge of your seats once you really get going with the game.

The allure of darkness that encompasses the game throughout is surely exciting just like the previous versions of the game. Knowing that it is a successor of a game that is termed to be the vanguard of Nazi based first-person shooter, I am expecting it to make an impression.