Twitch Confirms New Games from Respawn and Sony Santa Monica at E3

Earlier today Twitch announced that it is working with publishers to live stream their new titles directly from their respective E3 showcasing. That also includes full day contents for all three days of the event which will be broadcasted on their website page

The site released a schedule today which included all the new games we would get to see. The list includes titles like Harmonix’s Fantasia: Music Evolved Kinect title announced yesterday, Saints Row 4 from Volition, and additionally a couple of “to be announced” titles from Respawn Entertainment and Sony Santa Monica.

Respawn Entertainment’s chief executive Vince Zampella previously tweeted that they would have something to show at E3 but didn’t mention what. The former Call of Duty developers have been rumored to be working on a sci-fi shooter for some time now.

It’s surprising to see Sony Santa Monica studio on the list. They have just recently released God of War: Ascension and whatever title they are now working on is probably going to see a release next year or later. We all would love to see an announcement for a God of War sequel but chances of that seem slim. I hope Santa Monica proves me wrong.

E3 begins next week and is probably one of the biggest and most important event of this generation, as long as Microsoft and Sony are concerned. Both will be presenting their new age consoles along with the games they offer.

Sony has already revealed their main titles but has yet to show off the box itself. Microsoft on the other hand has yet to show off their main titles but has already revealed the device, which to most came as a disappointment. The Xbox One feels and looks bulky and clunky to some degree. Their E3 conference will tell us whether the software will put our minds at ease or not.

Source. VentureBeat