Tiny Brains Confirmed for PS4 Release this Fall

Spearhead Games has announced the co-op puzzler called Tiny Brains to release for Sony’s new PlayStation 4 this fall.

The game is set in a lab and features four playable super-powered animals who must work together to solve a series of puzzles. Doing so will enable them to escape the clutches of a mad scientist’s experiment.

Each animal comes with a unique ability set for a certain scenario. Players will have to combine all four to solve the mind-boggling objectives.

A post on the PlayStation Blog explains how Spearhead Games’ “no design doc” policy has helped the development team in freely developing any “cool ideas” they come up with.

Instead of putting it down on paper and getting it accepted from peers first, Spearhead goes with the flow, creating and testing in real-time. If they like it they’ll include it, if they don’t they will simply discard it.

“Being able to do this has been one of the best things about going indie, and the philosophy helps us make significant creative developments in a short amount of time,” Darveau from the studio wrote. “With no design docs, we can think about how to make the best experience at all times.”

Tiny Brains was previously announced for current-gen and PC but today was revealed to be in development for Sony’s new console as well. And why not? Sony has clearly mentioned their open-door policy for all indie developers.

President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida told everyone during the console’s reveal that they would be welcoming smaller developers with wide open arms. They can choose to self-publish their games on the platform, set their own price and deal with the consumers with minimal interference from Sony.