inFamous: Second Son Trailer Shows Off Emotion-Capture

Developer Sucker Punch has released a new developer diary for inFamous: Second Son which details the emotion-capture sequence of actor Troy Baker.

The trailer takes us behind-the-scenes and details how everything panned out on the white screen. Baker, who has previously also played parts for The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite had his facial emotions captured and ported over into Second Son to deliver a stronger story telling impact.

A post over at the PlayStation Blog explains how working the new technology was a difficult task but eventually paid out in the end.

“Gamers have grown to expect more than just detailed worlds with high poly-counts and slick graphics,” said Spencer Alexander, Technical Director at Suckerpunch. “They want more engaging content and a backstory, with great characters and actors that can give them life. This type of cinematic quality can only happen when the actor’s performances can be captured with great detail.”

Sucker Punch has promised to release “a lot of this tech in play next week” at E3.

inFamous: Second Son is most probably going to be a launch title for the PlayStation 4 when it releases later this year in time for the holidays.