Dragon’s Dogma Sequel Bound to Hit This Fall – PS Vita Only

Capcom is all set to release the next version of Dragon’s Dogma this year. And it has been confirmed via Siliconera that the action role playing video game will be a Vita-only version.

In an interview to Japanese Magazine Famitsu, the executive producer Hideaki Itsuno confirmed the release under the name Dragons Dogma Quest. Further adding that it will be free to play 2D game set in the RPG format.

The team of Capcom that has big names to their honor with the likes of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry had been working head down to carve up a product just to see whether they can build an RPG in a short time and only lately it has been finalized to be released as a full fledged game.

Itsuno made a point stating that they have tried their best to come up with a version that, unlike most of the portable games, will make you really put your head into the game. By introducing actual thought provoking challenges instead of simple escape routes through purchases.

A slight variation will be that now the player would be in a controlling position while pawns would do the actual fighting, allowing you to tag team four of your pawns with four of your friends. Though the “Arisen” player would be leveling up in stages along with it; such a variety could boost up the already fast paced game.

The free to download game is a first experience for the producer Itsuno who believes it will be a good one for Capcom and the PlayStation Vita players.