Dota 2 Latest Patch Addresses Many Issues – Might Feature Offline Support

According to recent posts both on Steam & Reddit, the latest update for Valve’s massively played online game DotA 2 addresses many changes that adds towards making the game more balanced. In addition to that, this update also adds native offline support for clients.

Along with these major changes such as fixing incorrect attack properties and Ownage sounds not playing during some kills, the update also promises many changes consisting of different heroes’ damage-dealing, skills sets, HP and MP costs and strength boosts.

A few adjustments for some attacks and fluctuations in cooldown timings have also been altered.

A Reddit user ‘vtor67’ posted a screenshot at DotA 2 forums that gives a glimpse of the game being played WITHOUT an active connection to Steam servers. According to the users, this has enabled him to, “practice offline with bots, do quests, and do anything that wouldn’t require a connection to the steam servers.” Well, this kind of hints that offline support has been added to the game.

Right now, if you lose your connection somehow while playing the game, you will not be able execute any actions lying outside of console commands.

Although the patch notes does NOT provide with any details regarding the offline support. People around the internet are contacting Valve to comment on this. We’ll share more details as soon as we get them!