All Tomb Raider DLC Bundled in Different Packs

The studio behind Tomb Raider is providing you with yet another excuse to hook to Tomb Raider once again.

Recently a post on Official Tomb Raider Tumblr revealed that Crystal Dynamics is compiling all the downloadable content available for the game into 3 single-player and multi-player packages.

‘The Online Survival Pack’ comprises of six new weapons from the same parent’s action-adventure stealth game; Hitman: Absolution along with an addition of four playable characters in multi-player mode. This pack has a price-tag of $6.99 or 560 Microsoft Points.

The multi-player characters are Scavenger Scout, Scavenger Executioner, Scavenger Bandit and Fisherman while the weapons consist of Silverballer, Agency SPS 12, HX AP-15, JAGD P22G, M590 12ga and STG 58 Eline.

‘Tomb Raider Adventure Pack’ contains upgrades and new equipments for Lara to be used in single-player and it too costs $6.99 or 560 Microsoft Points. In addition to that, players will also get three costumes for Lara including the Hunter, Aviatrix and Guerilla costumes.

Not only this, but players will also be able to receive Pistol Burst & Silencer attachments along with some skills like Animal Instinct, Agility and Headshot Reticle.

Players can also get a multi-player map pack bundle that includes all the multi-player maps for Microsoft Windows for $9.99.

Following maps are featured in the bundle:

  • Shanty Town
  • Scavenger Caverns
  • Cliff Shantytown
  • The Burning Village
  • Lost Fleet
  • Himiko’s Cradle
  • Forest Meadow
  • Dogfight

‘The Tomb of the Lost Adventurer’ DLC mission which was only available in Europe is now also available in North America.

Lara must solve the puzzle surrounding a plane-crash site as she is exploring tomb of another legendary explorer.

This map is compatible with all versions of Tomb Raider and is available for download for only $2.99 or 240 Microsoft Points.