The Last of Us Multiplayer Gameplay – A Blend of DayZ and Max Payne 3

Want to know what ‘The Last of Us’ multiplayer gameplay looks like? Keep on reading!

At last, time to treat your eyes with a little bit of ‘The Last of Us’ multiplayer gameplay. We recently got our hands on ‘The Last of Us’ multiplayer gameplay – thanks to Boss Battle Coming. The video showcases the deathmatch mode where you will be able to see a great amount of shooting and melee combat system.

One thing that we’d like to say here is that the combat system sometimes feel like DayZ. It’s great nonetheless! Players are advised to keep their heads covered, take the environment into consideration and wait for the perfect opportunity to get in neck-and-neck combat with your enemies.

Another thing that should be kept in mind is striving hard to stay alive and hunting for goods as health drops too quickly in this game.

The action and mechanics of the game feel amazingly like Max Payne 3. Whether it be taking cover behind various objects, hopping over ledges to get onto a specific platform or utilizing the junk in order to get an advantage over your enemies; everything is smooth and feels real.

We’re proud to say that we’re endlessly amazed at everything this game has to offer!

And that’s not it! Besides the traditional multiplayer deathmatch – that has it’s own charms – there are many other game modes that take the game’s settings and notorious zombies as enemies into very good use.

You can learn more about the game at ‘The Last of Us’ official website.

The game is all set to release on June 14TH, 2013 exclusively for Playstation III. Pre-orders are also open if you are a little eager to get your hands on the game. 14TH June – that is a few days after the E3 2013. Sony made a clever move to keep up the hype surrounding the long-awaited game.

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