Remember Me Collectibles Guide – Mnesist Memory, Focus Boost, Sat Patch, Scaramech

Playing as Nilin in Remember Me, players can find and accumulate a total of four kinds of collectibles, scattered throughout the seven chapters/episodes in the game. These consist of Mnesist Memories, Scaramechs, SAT Patches and Focus Boosts.

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Remember Me Collectibles – Mnesist Memory, Focus Boost, Sat Patch, Scaramech Locations

The Mnesist Memories are the most numerous, and give you a ton of information about the world of Neo-Paris, its inhabitants, and its technology. Collecting them all will also award you the ‘It’s all in the Details’ achievement/trophy.

The Focus Boosts and SAT Patches that you can find will help you increase your Focus and Health meters and finding all of them will net you the ‘You Focus’ and ‘Gotta Patch ‘em All’ achievements/trophies.

Lastly, you can also find Scaramech and getting them all gives the ‘Pest Control’ achievement/trophy.

Episode 1: Low Life/ Low Tech

Mnesist Memory #1
Location. During your climbing tutorial, when you come across a blue tram that is upside down, look for this memory around it.

Mnesist Memory #2
Location. After making contact with Edge, you will come across a destroyed subway car, look for the memory in the small room to the right of this.

SAT Patch #1
Location. You will see this on monitor, follow the directions to retrieve it.

Mnesist Memory #3
Location. After learning about five-hit combos that also heal you and before jumping over the ledge, take a right to retrieve this memory.

SAT Patch #2
Location. When you enter a room with a monitor and door closes behind you, climb the platforms and look to your left, you will find the patch on the ground close to the junk.

Mnesist Memory #4
Location. After dropping down into the market, look for a small bridge with monitor on the right. Go towards the dead end to retrieve this memory.

SAT Patch #3
Location. From Mnesist Memory #4 continue on to the small bridge and look for this behind the pillar.

Mnesist Memory #5
Location. Before you climb the ladder, look for this in the alcove.

SAT Patch #4
Location. Climb the ladder in the market to the catwalks. From here, take a right and look for this near the robot.

Mnesist Memory #6
Location. After climbing to the red sign, instead of going up the building, come down to the area with graffiti on the wall of a girl holding a brain.

SAT Patch #5
Location. After reaching the Leaking Brain, before stepping off the lift, look at the monitor for the location of this patch. Turn around and you should see it to your right by the robot.

Episode 2: Macrowave

Mnesist Memory #7
Location. Near the beginning of the mission, go right and follow the first set of stairs down. Go to the right side of the stairs to find this in a pile of garbage between the boxes below the railing.

SAT Patch #6
Location. After defeating the enforcers, jump over the wall behind and drop down before jumping to the red pipe to find this on the ground.

Mnesist Memory #8
Location. You will find this on the balcony after moving your way through electric charges.

SAT Patch #7
Location. After dropping down to Rotunda, when you gain control of your character, take a left and you will find this near the gate.

SAT Patch #8
Location. Having avoided the first drone with the help of Bad Request, climb the fence and drop down opposite of the glass instead of jumping over to find this patch in the corner.

Focus Boost #1
Location. After crashing through the glass roof, take the stairs up to find this on the ground in front of the door.

Mnesist Memory #9
Location. In the same apartment, in the kitchen area with a robot cleaning the table, look for a small table beside it with a rotating sign to find this memory.

Mnesist Memory #10
Location. When you are in a bar area, go around the bar until you reach a room. Look for this memory on the small table with a rotating sign.

SAT Patch #9
Location. Before activating Remembrane, continue to the bar and take the stairs down, look for this patch on the steps just before the gate.

Mnesist Memory #11
Location. When you come across enforcers that can climb up the walls and you have a conversation with Edge, run past these to a small set of stairs and look to your right to find some benches with memory sitting over one of these.

Mnesist Memory #12
Location. After getting to the balcony to see the white statue, climb over the glass and take a right to retrieve this memory.

Focus Boost #2
Location. After stepping outside, take a right to collect this Focus Boost. You will need to do this before getting to the middle of the roof or you will have to collect it after the boss fight.

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Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit

SAT Patch #10
Location. Go to the market at the start of this episode and after opening the door that requires the spammer, take a right. Follow the path leading to the room with furniture and look for it on the couch.

Scaramech #1
Location. After unlocking the door at the start of the episode, you will find it in front of you and game will detail its significance.

Mnesist Memory #13
Location. After coming down the first set of stairs, look to your right to find a Bodywork and Paint store. Look for this memory below its shutter.

SAT Patch #11
Location. After fighting the Leepers, turn towards the stairs and look in the left corner under the arches to find this.

Scaramech #2
Location. Before going to the red light district, look for a building with orange on it; that is before heading down the stairs. Follow the railing on the left of the stairs, open the shutter and shoot this.

Scaramech #3
Location. Close to SAT Patch #11, shoot the shutters and start climbing. Instead of going to the roof of the cafe, shimmy around the building and you will end up dropping down. Look left as you move forward, you will come across a shutter. Shoot it to shoot the mech.

SAT Patch #12
Location. Crossover to the other building to find it in the alcove.

Mnesist Memory #14
Location. When you talk to the Edge about Jax for the first time while leaping over the Jax Panda sign, instead of climbing the next wall, look to the left for the memory on the table.

Focus Boost #3
Location. After fighting the Leapers and Skinner, take the ladder and head up to the top of the building on the corner. Jump back across to the left and then climb down the ladder to find this boost.

Scaramech #4
Location. After the Leapers and Skinner fight, you will shoot open a door to find the scaramech in front of you on the left most fan.

Mnesist Memory #15
Location. Just after you talk to Tommy on your radio, you will need to go down some stairs with a fire on the left side. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, go to the left under them, to find this on the bed.

Scaramech #5
Location. When you go downstairs for the memory above, go to the right from the stairs instead of left and move a crane to get to the next side. Once there, shoot the switch to lower the panels that will reveal another gap. Before jumping look up the ceiling to shoot the ‘mech’.

Mnesist Memory #16
Location. After the part where you fall through the ceiling and land in the garbage room, go through the door and out onto the balcony/ledge. Jump from the edge onto a JAX sign, then spring past that to another platform on the other side. You’ll find the memory on a table to the left when you land.

SAT Patch #13
Location. After you shut down the turbine, you will spot a Leaking Brain sign. To the left now will be a small ledge you can use to get to this Patch on a really high area.

Scaramech #6
Location. When you finally get to the platform with the giant fan, face directly away from it to spot a mech on the wall.

Focus Boost #4
Location. While you’re traversing the sewer tunnels, you’ll find a room on the right filled with mannequins. The boost will be on the ground on the right side.

Scaramech #7
Location. In the sewer tunnels, look for a grated tunnel that you come to that overlooks a large open area on the left side. This room contains a machine that has the mech on it on the other side (where you can’t get it). You need to shoot a switch on the back of the machine from another grate that will move it so that the mech will be in view from the first grate.

Mnesist Memory #17
Location. Just after the train crash, when you’re going through the tunnel, look to the bars to the right of the first set of stairs to find this memory.

Scaramech #8
Location. Also just after the train crashes and while the surroundings are so hot Nilin is covering her face with her hand, look to the wall to the right of the door to see it on top of some red and black stripes.

Scaramech #9
Location. When you reach the pile of coffins just after the crashed subway cars, go to the right of them and peek through the opening in the ruined train car. The Mech is crawling along the inside wall.

Mnesist Memory #18
Location. As you are crossing the minefield using the remembrane, you will spot a memory on the ground halfway through to the right that you can pick up.

SAT Patch #14
Location. After the minefield, you come to a ladder that you must climb and some ledges. However, before the first ledge-to-ledge jump, leap towards the camera to land on a hidden platform. There is a Patch here.

Scaramech #10
Location. After the SAT Patch above, jump the gap we omitted before and continue as normal. When you make it to a roof there will be a mech directly across from you.

Episode 4: Panoptic Icon

Focus Boost #5
Location. At the beginning of the chapter, you’ll find into a sentry drone flying back and forth along a corridor, The boost is on the floor of the second room on the right in this hallway.

Mnesist Memory #19
Location. In the room with the Turbine switch, there will be a ledge in the far right corner. Jump up to it, then jump again. Follow it around to the other side near the orange light and jump up once more to find this memory.

SAT Patch #15
Location. After scavenging the drone you will come to a large chamber with a pit on your left that drones are circling around. Wait for a drone to pass then make a break for the alcove in the far right corner of the chamber. The SAT Patch will be here.

Mnesist Memory #20
Location. After leaving the empty cell on level 23, go to the right and continue down the passage sneaking past the drones. This memory is sitting on a bench inside the last open cell (past the switch).

Scaramech #11
Location. From the same jail cell as the last memory, go left to find a mech on the wall behind a stationary drone at the end. Get as close as possible to the drone without being detected to be in range of the mech.

Scaramech #12
Location. In the same hallway, stick to the railing until you pass two drones. At some point when you look over towards the lower level you’ll see the mech.

Scaramech #13
Location. This one is found past a locked door, in a blue and white hallway, attached to the ceiling.

Scaramech #14
Location. Past the control room, down the ramp you will find two drones searching the hallway. Look at the corner where the right wall meets the ceiling at the first turn to see a mech crawling there.

Focus Boost #6
Location. Past the last mech, continue down to the end of the corridor, past the second drone to find this boost.

Mnesist Memory #21
Location. After stealing Vaughn’s memories and a fight, go to the rear of the room you are in and enter room 52. Then make a right and enter the restricted access door. The memory is in here.

Focus Boost #7
Location. When you ride the cell down to the maintenance bay, go to the far corner where the drone is patrolling back and forth and the boost will be in the corner on a circle pad.

Scaramech #15
Location. After you get the logic bomb in the training room, exit out of the door to Sector III and find the mech on the wall to the left.

Focus Boost #8
Location. Go through the door leading into the interrogation rooms. There will be a robot mopping here, go left of it to find two sweepers in the corner and a boost

Mnesist Memory #22
Location. After the scene where Nilin steals Madame’s memories through a window, go through the door on the left and the next door to enter the storage. The memory will be to the right as you enter.

Scaramech #16
Location. When the Brain Drainer is activated it will start to spin in the center of the room. Look on it at the top to the right of the light to see the scaramech there.

Scaramech #17
Location. This one is in the same location as the last one, except it’s underneath the light on the Brain Drainer.

Scaramech #18
Location. After entering the room with the guards and the Seraphim, head up the first set of stairs and behind the third support on the left side will be the mech.

Mnesist Memory #23
Location. After the outdoor Nephilim fight, you come to a Remembrane of Vaughn and Madame talking. Continue going right through the corridor until you reach the dead end where you will find this memory on the table.

Scaramech #19 & 20
Location. When you reach the second Remembrane in the tower at the top of the stairs, there will be two rooms; one on the left and one on the right. Both rooms will have a scaramech on them on the right side when you enter.

Mnesist Memory #24
Location. After the Madame fight, you’ll be able to move about the server room. Look beside one of the pillars in there to find the memory on the ground.

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Episode 5: Headshot

Scaramech #21
Location. Just as the chapter begins, go through the door behind you and head down the corridor past the robot scrubbing the wall. You will find the mech on the machinery above once you reach the bottom.

Scaramech #22
Location. Keep going down the corridor to the dead end to find another mech.

Focus Boost #9
Location. After the fight with the Leapers and Skinner, you will find some scaffolding you can climb to find this.

Scaramech #23
Location. While going through a passage, Edge will tell you he is not your conscience. Make a left here and you’ll find yourself in front of a large fan. The mech is on the wall on the other side.

Mnesist Memory #25
Location. Soon after you will come to a large room with a glass platform in the middle. Use the platform to get to the other side and you will find this on the right.

Focus Boost #10
Location. At the end of the rotunda area, there will be a locked door past the last patrolling drone. Inside this room is the boost.

SAT Patch #16
Location. Upon reaching the flooded city, you can jump down to a red pipe below. Use the various ledges to get to the balcony around the corner to the left to find this patch.

Scaramech #24
Location. Eventually you will use a JAX sign as a means to get across the street. There is a Mech on the back of the sign.

Focus Boost #11
Location. Eventually you pass through an alley where you need to use some ledges to crossover a huge gap to the left. Instead of doing so, go right to reach the terrace of a house. There is a boost here.

SAT Patch #17
Location. Soon you reach a lit orange door. There will be a red pipe you can scale up, do so and go further left. Enter through an open window to find this.

Mnesist Memory #26
Location. Now go through the orange door and then the glass doors to the right. You’ll find this on the counter to the right.

Scaramech #25
Location. You will find yourself atop a large crane in order to reach the Memorize HQ, look at the chimney behind the crane in order to spot the mech.

Mnesist Memory #27
Location. During the captain Trace chase section, near the start you will jump to a ledge which falls down. When you land, turn around instead of going forward to find this memory.

Scaramech #26
Location. Also during the Trace chase, you will come to a bridge. Look past the railings on the sides of the bridge to find this mech.

Scaramech #27
Location. After the fight with three guards in the apartment room, go through the door on the left to find a half opened door on the right side. Inside is the mech.

Scaramech #28
Location. In the stealth section on the rooftops there will be chest-high walls for you to hide from the gunship behind. There is a mech on the other side of the middle wall.

SAT Patch #18
Location. Also near the walls are some red pipes you can climb. Head up and jump across some ledges to a rooftop across to find this.

Scaramech #29
Location. Once you enter a fancy office through a window, look past the plants covering the left wall to find a mech.

Mnesist Memory #28
Location. Leave the office and go down the hallway. Go left through the blue door to find this memory.

Mnesist Memory #29
Location. After exiting the building, then re-entering another hallway, you will see a room on the left with two robots in it. There is a memory next to the robot on cleaning duty.

Scaramech #30
Location. After entering the memorize hq, you will find this mech behind one of the light poles.

Mnesist Memory #30
Location. In the Memorize hq, you will pass two drones and reach a room with a globe on a pedestal. The memory is lying on the ground next to it.

Episode 6: Rotten Core

Scaramech #31
Location. Right in the beginning, instead of using the elevator, look for a passage through the windows on the left. Look left at the end of the passage to find another mech.

Focus Boost #12
Location. When you get to the part where you can move the cabinets left and right, keep doing so until you find the one belonging to Nilin. Inside this one is a focus boost.

Scaramech #32
Location. Upon entering the office after getting the pick, you will see an open storage cupboard, inside of which is a mech.

Mnesist Memory #31
Location. When you are told to reach Bad Request’s cell, activate the lock through the glass door. You will be in a large room with many computer terminals. To the right is a small server room where you can get the memory at the back wall.

SAT Patch #19
Location. When you leave the offices and head back down a flight of stairs, there will be a maintenance room door you can now open. The patch is inside to the left.

Scaramech #33
Location. Take the elevator up to the second floor and exit to the right side. Take back the power, then use it to open the cell in the center. Enter and turn around to see the mech above the door.

Scaramech #34
Location. This time, exit from the left side of the elevator and open another cell, to find another mech.

SAT Patch #20
Location. This is found when you get to the Cell Dispatch System switch. Opposite from the switch is a small opening in the left corner. You can find the Patch through here.

Mnesist Memory #32
Location. You will end up fighting a lot of enemies in the cellblock (where you get the camo ability). Use the pick on the door next to the emergency ladder to enter the room there. The memory will be on the table along the window.

Scaramech #35
Location. When you move your first cell in the cell switching mechanism, you will see a point you can corrupt to open the shutter. Inside, to the right is a mech.

Scaramech #36
Location. Now hop back across to the point from where you corrupted the lock above and keep going. On the next platform, hug the far wall and look upwards and to the left to see this mech.

Scaramech #37
Location. Past the first remembrane at the biopsy room, keep going to the right and power the middle cell to open it. Go inside, turn around and look up to see the mech.

Focus Boost #13
Location. Soon you will fight two leapers and an enforcer near the memory deletion room, after that go down the orange hallway and power up the locked door there. Inside is a boost.

Mnesist Memory #33
Location. Keep following the medical chair through the red colored floor until it stops. There is a memory on a desk nearby.

Scaramech #38
Location. Follow the chair through the security partition, then look above the glass door from the other side to see the mech.

Mnesist Memory #34
Location. In the hallway where you’re having flashbacks, enter the cell right at the end. This is the cell you were in right in the beginning of the game. Inside is a memory.

Scaramech #39
Location. Also along the path of the medical chair, in the hallway where you fight two leapers and an Enforcer is a small floor robot. the mech is on it’s back.

SAT Patch #21
Location. Just before you find Quaid and his cronies go right to a small room with a glass door and a body on a chair inside. There is a patch next to the body.

Scaramech #40
Location. After the cutscene with Quaid, you fight a whole bunch of guards. After that look inside to the left of the machine that they were all standing at when you arrived. The mech will be there just above the chair.

Scaramech #41
Location. Right after the last mech, you will come to a room with a Zorn robot on the left. Destroy it with a blast and then the mech will be reachable on its shoulder.

Scaramech #42
Location. In the next room after the Zorn robot, after the large door you must raise is a small vent on the right side with a drone is front of it. The mech is inside the vent.

Mnesist Memory #35
Location. After you drop into the big hole after the huge fight Quaid throws at you, look to opposite side from where Bad is lying. Corrupt the panel and follow the new path to find this memory.

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Episode 7: Paradise Lost

Scaramech #43
Location. Right in the beginning of the episode, look up to the left of the ladder you need to climb and the mech will be crawling on the ceiling of the adjacent alcove.

SAT Patch #22
Location. Also in the beginning, go to the Triage and use the hallway to the left. You find the patch under the stairs here.

Scaramech #44
Location. When you reach the giant spinning fan in front of the gap you must jump, go to the end of the walkway and look behind the crates to the right to find this mech.

SAT Patch #23
Location. When you reach the cargo room with the cart, you must jump off and catch hold of the ledges to the right. Use the ledges to get over the left and drop down. Now go to the other side or the room and look behind the crates to your right to find this patch.

Scaramech #45
Location. After the fight with the two guards in front of O’osmoze proceed to the far end of the corridor where on the left side in the corner next to a couch will be the mech.

Mnesist Memory #36
Location. Also after the fight with the two guards above, enter the room on the left and look on the table next to the robot standing here to find the memory.

Focus Boost #14
Location. Now after you enter O’osmoze go through the door on the right, turn the corner and go down the hall and left into the small room where you can find the boost on the table.

Scaramech #46
Location. In the mall, near the escalators that go down. The mech will be in the broken window to the right of the escalators.

Scaramech #47
Location. Following the big skinner fight in the mall, head through the door and go down the stairs, then turn right to find this mech next to an orange light.

Scaramech #48
Location. When you reach Trace for the first time, go through the door ahead of you. Here you can go either right or left. Go up the stairs to the right, then left and you will enter a “private party”. The mech will be on the piano in the center.

Mnesist Memory #37
Location. In the same ‘Private Party’ room, go up to the table area on the left and the memory will be in the back.

SAT Patch #24
Location. Now go back to the intersection from before and take the left path. Dodge the drone there and enter the room on the right to find the patch as soon as you enter.

Scaramech #49
Location. Go past the bar and enter the next room where you get into a big fight, Proceed onwards and you should shortly see a partially opened fire door to the right. The mech will be under the door.

Scaramech #50
Location. Now head up the nearby stairs and through he door that leads to the main security post. Check out the corridor to the left that’s blocked by some junk. There’s a mech on the debris.

Scaramech #51
Location. Once you have found the last mech, enter the next “to main security post” door. Behind you, next to the door, there will be a destructible spot. Destroy it to find the mech.

Mnesist Memory #38
Location. Once you have Trace’s memories, climb up the boxes next to him to reach the above level. The memory will be on a table near here.

Scaramech #52
Location. During the Leaper chase you will open a locked door to find a room with seating on the left and debris up ahead. The mech is sitting on the debris.

Focus Boost #15
Location. Following the fight with the two Mourning Leapers, go back to Trace’s body and open the fire door by powering up the panel through the glass. The boost is through, on the left.

Mnesist Memory #39
Location. Power up the emergency ladder near the last memory, climb up and hop to the left. Enter the door there to the Security Post to find the memory.

SAT Patch #25
Location. You eventually come to a square room with drones patrolling in a square path. Wait for one to pass and follow it until you can slip into a room to the right. This hallway will take you to the toilet where you can find a patch.

Mnesist Memory #40
Location. When you enter the central Security Post room on the ground floor run to where the stairs are and go left (don’t go up the stairs yet). The memory is on a table there.

Scaramech #53
Location. Go up the right side stairs on the central Security Post room to find the mech crawling on a pillar near the ceiling.

Episode 8: Sins of Our Fathers

Scaramech #54
Location. When you start the mission, turn around and you’ll see the mech on a robot’s arm.

Scaramech #55
Location. This is found after you enter the Memorial Servers. Eventually, you will reach a white square on the ground. When you walk on it a block will move behind you. Check out the new path that has opened to find this mech.

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