Murdered: Soul Suspect Trailer Asks You To Solve Your Own Murder

Teased by Square Enix earlier this year in February, Murdered: Soul Suspect has now gotten a new trailer which shines some more light on the lead character.

Players take on the role of Rowan O’Connor, a detective who refuses to cross over and instead stays behind in search for the hooded man who killed him. With the help of supernatural powers, O’Connor will have to solve the mystery of his own murder from the after life.

The trailer shows him in a fistfight with an unknown suspect in the top floor of a building. He is then pushed outside through the window by a hooded figure, the fall eventually killing him. O’Connor though finds himself in the after life but is unaware. He spots the hooded figure crouched over a dead body. Approaching the suspect he discovers that the body is his own and so begins a tale of revenge.

The trailer teases one of O’Connor’s powers where he touches his killer on the shoulder and instantly has a flashback of his own murder. He can also read people’s minds and influence their thoughts and actions.

The later part of the trailer shows O’Connor speaking with the dead for clues and fighting demons to save his own soul.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is set for release in early 2014 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.