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Ghost Recon Developer Working on an Unannounced Project for Xbox One and PS4

Looking at the official website of Red Storm, we can see that they are hiring for the position of a gameplay Engineer to work on existing and next-gen gaming consoles specifically mentioning an action adventure shooter.

But according to Siliconera, there is more definite evidence. The online resume of Brian Spencer, Senior Character Artist of Ubisoft subsidiary Red Storm Entertainment states that he is working on an “unannounced project for PS4 and Xbox One”

Whether the project is the next version of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Patriots, a game he is also involved in or a totally different game is still unclear. But the indication presented by his resume is still worth the excitement.

Red Storm Entertainment is also notable for multiple FPS games like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and the more recent entry of Farcry 3 which revolves around warlords involved in slave trafficking where you undertake the quest to rescue your friends from them.

For the first person shooter fanatics, this expected new project might yield yet another gripping gameplay – looking at their past record. Fingers crossed for a good one!