First Dev Diary for Assassin’s Creed IV Emerges

The world of Assassin’s Creed is a rich and varied one, in that it is our world with some extra flavor added for good measure.

There’s a lot of mystery and wonder to discover, but someone has to put the work in to create the virtual world that we enjoy so much. Someone has to actually create the story that we play through and the ground that our character stands on when we engage the world of video games, and sometimes those people aren’t given enough credit.

In this new developer diary, Ubisoft introduces you to the literally hundreds of people that have come together to help make Assassin’s Creed IV title as wonderful an experience as the previous games have been.

This dev diary is the first in a series of videos called The Black Flag Diaries that will help to ease you into the new world that they’re creating as well as show you many of the features that will make up Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.