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Steam Greenlight Features “The Gayest Game Ever Made”

What do you imagine when you think of a gay video character? Retired space captain Tycho Minogue, hero of My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant has been called “a charmer” by Gaymism and, by Gay Gamer, “smarter than it needs to be” and a “light-hearted adventure.” These are just a few of the comments that grace Up Multimedia’s self-proclaimed “gayest game ever made.”

It’s not the first time My Ex-Boyfriend The Space Tyrant has been revealed to the public, but now that the game is close to breaking through Steam’s Greenlight, a system enlisting community viewpoints to pick the games that get a full Steam release.

As such its interesting to see the various viewpoints forming around the typical stance on all things LGBT, such as the supporters, the neutrals and the downright ignorant.

Aside from the queer slant, My Ex-Boyfriend The Space Tyrant is a “traditional point-and-click adventure” that is “standard science fiction fare.” The protagonist, Tycho Minogue, goes back into active duty to save the universe from an interplanetary tyrant. It’s key features are described as:

  • Full length gay themed point-and-click adventure game
  • A superb blend of comedy, drama, romance and mystery
  • Artwork by award winning artist Joe Phillips
  • Over 70 scenes and 40 characters
  • Available for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • DRM-free, source included
  • Accessibility options for vision and hearing impaired players

So what is the community saying? Kotaku’s Patricia Hernandez rounded up some of the more noteworthy comments for each viewpoint, of which I’ve included below.


“Despite its best efforts ‘My Ex-Boyfriend The Space Tyrant’ is still less gay than Gears of War or Call of Duty,” said Twitter user Simon Roth (@SimoRoth).

“Thank you for a wonderful game playing experience, and the fact that it was a ‘gay game’ made it ever so much more enjoyable for this gay player.” – John

“I’d like to compliment you on the game, My Ex-boyfriend the Space Tyrant. I enjoyed the artwork, the tongue-in-cheekiness, and the sense of a campy space-adventure. It’s nice to have a gay-centric game, especially since most games are heavily influenced to appeal to the straight guy-gamer.” – Jason

“It’s a whole lot of fun, as a gay guy this is the game I’ve wanted to play all my life!” – Brian

“Games are meant to be diverse, and I so I would much like more games to embrace subjects like these in different ways. A comical/sketched way like this is pretty entertaining, but other genres should have their way with this as well. Wouldn’t have minded gay marriage in Skyrim, or development in relationsships in that game in general. Upvoted.” – Trizworld

“Unless someone can give a specific reason why this game, and it’s gay theme, should NOT be on Steam, upvote it. Give it the same chance any “straight” game filled with babes and tits has.” – Rovanus

“Haha; I’m not homosexual, but I am all for this game. Good for you; the world needs some gayness in gaming, as it is so dominized by this noninclusive game design. This is just, fantastic. I’ll play it; as it appears to me to simply be just homosexuality in a comedic storyline, not a “gay porno” as Blujay puts it. Yes, heterosexual males typically are not expected to enjoy a homosexual piece of pornography, but this is a humorous point-and-click adventure game, not porn.” – Gunnar Clovis


“I just have to say, as a gay gamer, no.


Because he’s “that gay guy”. You know the kind- that would wear daisy dukes in space. I could be wrong. You might be that type of gay yourself, and would like to see a gay hero in a video game like that.

However, until we have a gay character in a game that is there with a purpose, and not there just for the sake of being the queer one in, this just will not do! I don’t agree that the first gay game should involve gay romance. To me, it’s the same sin Tera holds. When WILL we, as homosexuals, EVOLVE. Our sexuality is a sum of our parts- it should not be the whole.

I feel bad for “Brian”, the gay male that waited all his life to play this game. Long wait.

All I’m saying is, do you REALLY think Dr. Martin Luther King JR would have been taken seriously with short shorts and pink angel wings on his back?

This feel more like “a background with a character” and not “a character with a background.” – ☥Imi-ib☥:

“This looks like this will be a gay version Leisure Suit Larry which is why I won’t buy this no matter how smart or dumb the humor is. While I don’t condemn Homosexuality but lets be honest, a strait guy wouldn’t enjoy a gay porno unless the porn stars were women or it had a really good story. The devolopers (sic) are probably not intending for strait (sic) people to like game.

Upvoting just to piss off the right wing religous nutjobs out there.” – Blujay


“This game makes me want to projectile vommet… If it did not, then I would be gay, but I am not gay.” – Master Zone

“If this was lesbians it would be awesome, but its not. Get this shit off steam please.” – chonhode

“Get rid of this fag shit.” – Benson

“this game is not for me, and by that i mean full of simple primary colour art and pop culture references…

oh and it looks pretty gay” – dropbear

It’s a shame that gamers still treat queer topics as beyond the realm of understanding, but consider how far developers and publishers in video games have come. A quick read of the LGBT Themes in Video Games Wiki tells us that Nintendo’s strict censorship policies kept Super Mario Bros. 2 from including the original manual description of the miniboss Birdo, which described Birdo as “thinking he was a girl and wanting to be called ‘Birdetta’.”

In 1992, Enix removed a gay bar from Dragon Warrior III. That same year Sega removed minor transgender and queer enemies from Final Fight on the Sega CD and Vendetta on the Genesis, as well as a gay villain wearing Village People attire from Streets of Rage 3.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was perhaps the first notable major game release in North America to feature a bisexual character in Vamp, whose bisexuality was downplayed and accepted as a trait of the character.

How do you feel about the homosexual themes of My Ex-Boyfriend The Space Tyrant?