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PS4 Eye Camera Might Not Be Bundled With The Console

As we draw nearer to the expected release date of Sony’s latest gaming console, all sort of speculations are being made about it. Moving towards a greater level of interaction in the gaming experience PlayStation comes with an eye camera which was previously sold separately. Though an official press conference in February announced PlayStation Eye to be a standard part of the console, recent reports are showing otherwise.

As an evidence reported by NeoGAF, the official video of Sony DualShock 4 purports that users might have to buy the Eye Camera separately. The video made by the official developers of DualShock 4 has a disclaimer at the end that says:

“DualShock 4 features may not be supported by all software titles. PlayStation 4 camera may be required and is sold separately.”

We shall look forward to the response by users who would compare it to PS4’s arch rival Xbox One that will allegedly coming packed with all the accessories including Kinect. Although this is still unconfirmed news and we are still waiting for a confirmation from Sony officials. If it stands true it might present an opportunity to the gamers who would want to get a few pennies off by going for a cheaper version of the console without the camera.