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Prey 2 Victim of “Petty” Politics – Ex-Human Head Employee

We all know Bethesda’s side of the story. Development of Prey 2 was put on hold following unsatisfactory results from Human Head studios. However, what of the latter?

A former Human Head employee has now taken to twitter to speak his mind. “What happened to Prey 2, from where I sat, was political — and petty — and potentially litigable,” said ex-narrative director Jason L. Blair. “Human Head had a great game.”

Blair then added that against the publisher’s claim, Prey 2 was not a demo and indeed a full game.

“Prey 2 was a full game,” he said. “And a crazy fun one. The team was small, but you wouldn’t have known it.”

The first-person-shooter Prey 2 first turned heads after its showing at E3 2011; where it instantly received the approval of fans. What followed then was a series of announcements from Bethesda stating delays in the development cycle. Until finally in April of last year when the publisher announced the game to be put on a hiatus.

A recent rumor now suggests Dishonored’s developer Arkane to have been handed over the project. However, the source mentions that Arkane would be starting anew. Meaning that what we saw at E3 2011 would not quite resemble Arkane’s final product.

Jason L. Blair has deactivated his Twitter account following the series of tweets. Perhaps he’ll surface later.

In the meanwhile the tweets have started quite the talks over at NeoGAF. Here’s an interesting post which speaks of Bethesda’s ill-ways with its developers.