Path of Exile: Next Update Includes Two New Leagues and More

A new update for Path of Exile will go live on June 5, developer Grinding Gear Games announced today.

The patch will include plenty of new content in the shape of leagues, challenges, a new currency item and other minor additions.

Anarchy and Onslaught are your new leagues that will run from June 8 to October 8. The Anarchy league introduces a new enemy type called the Rogue exile who can use skills and items available to human players. The Onslaught league on the other hand provides a greater challenge to players with increased attack, casting and movement speeds of regular enemies.

Both leagues will include plenty of challenges for players to overcome in the given four months. They include:

  • Slay the 13 rogue exiles (Anarchy only).
  • Reach level 60 on each character class (Onslaught only).
  • Use a Map of every type in the Map Device.
  • Allocate all of the notable and keystone passives.
  • Receive 34 specific items from vendor recipes.
  • Full-clear each non-Map area in any difficulty.
  • Use all currency items (excluding Mirror of Kalandra).
  • Own a specific set of 90 Unique items at the same time. If you trade any away before the end of the league, you’ll need to get them again for the challenge to count.

The game will also now include a new high-tier currency item called the Eternal orb which creates an imprint of an item for restoration later. These will be extremely rare and valuable.

For the complete patch notes you can visit their official website.

Path of Exile is a free-to-play online Action Adventure title that has already gathered quite the fan following. The game is currently in open-beta and is expected to release later this year with plenty of new content.