GTA 5 Confirmed for PC Release

Thanks to a suprise listing made on E3insider, it looks like Grand Theft Auto V will see release on PC as well as major consoles when it launches later this year. Rockstar have been dodging the question of whether or not this game would see a PC release alongside the console versions, leaving us with no confirmed answers.

We saw a PC version of the game touted on Amazon a few months ago, but the listing was never confirmed to be legitimate or not. Now that we know it is, us PC gamers can start buzzing with anticipation of this AAA title.

For now we’re still treating this as a rumour, but it is highly likely that we’ll see this piece of news come E3. What we still don’t know is the release date. In many cases with triple A titles that have a late announcement for PC releases, we see a short delay between the release of the console versions and the PC version.

Sometimes that short delay is months, sometimes it’s days. If we’re lucky then we shall see a same-day release (which is what I’ve got my fingers crossed for), meaning there will be no disparage between console and PC players of the game.