EVE Online Returns Following Massive DDoS Attack

It has been a very rough day for CCP Games and their flagship MMO, EVE Online. If you’re an avid fan of their MMO or the accompanying FPS, Dust 514 then you’ll already know about the games being offline for the past couple of days.

It’s certainly been difficult for their players and the company, but it now looks like all of that is resolved as CCP have turned the Tranquility server back on and restored access to their hit games.

The Tranquility server, which houses both EVE and Dust, came under attack by an as-yet unknown group who put together the highly organised Distributed Denial of Service assault.

CCP Games noticed on June 1 that the Tranquility cluster was specifically being targeted by someone for this sort of digital attack.

In response, CCP took down the server which temporarily shut down access to their two major games.

Jón Hörðdal Jónasson, the COO of CCP, updated the playerbase on the company blog and told us a little bit about why they decided to turn the server off rather than try to repel the attack.

Our policy in such cases is to mobilize a taskforce of internal and external experts to evaluate the situation. At [8:07 p.m. Pacific], that group concluded that our best course of action was to go completely offline while we put in place mitigation plans.

Whilst investigating the DDoS attack, CCP discovered a vulnerable point in their security which they immediately went about fixing. With everything seeming safe, they’ve turned the Tranquility server back on so that players can once again go back to playing and enjoying the games that CCP provide.

In the meanwhile, CCP will be monitoring the situation very closely in case of another attack, or to try and find the culprits who caused this travesty in the first place.

Our teams will monitor the situation carefully in the coming hours to ensure that our services are accessible and that all customer data remains secure. We will be looking at ways to compensate players in both Eve and Dust for the outage and expect to announce what that compensation will be very soon.

With a bit of luck, this malicious attack on the CCP servers was just an outlying case, and won’t be part of some larger plan. Many hacking groups are known for these seemingly random attacks on large companies, and this could just be a continuation of that kind of pattern.