Dark Souls 2 Coming in March 2014

The news about a release date for the sequel had not reached the market so far but after a life sized banner was seen hanging atop Los Angeles Convention Center, things are looking up for the Dark Souls crazies.

A surprising marketing tactic from Namco Bandai exerted the release date before any official announcement was been made. This has now been confirmed according to a post by Eurogamer who claimed in a post today that the publishers have confirmed March 2014 to be the release date.

Though the confirmation is not official, according to the game’s director Tomohiro Shibuya, it will revolve around the same cursed character trying to find a cure. Along with the upside that the release is confirmed, it might face a dilemma regarding the release timing. As March 2014 would be half a year after the PS4 and Xbox One hit the market we are wondering if it will be made for the next generation or not – the latter being a downside for it will either face a pricing crisis or just be a release that took too long.

Fingers crossed for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo for more information on Dark Souls 2!