Final Fantasy Versus XIII Vanishes from Amazon

Online retailer Amazon has pulled the plug on Final Fantasy Versus XIII by removing the game from their list and shutting down the pre-order button.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive action RPG was previously open for pre-orders even though the game’s future is still in question. Amazon now is directing customers to purchase the title from other sellers instead.

The Japanese division of Amazon has been reported to have taken similar steps. Final Fantasy Versus XIII has now officially disappeared from the online retailer’s site and with it come several rumors of the title’s future.

The most famous of which suggests that Versus XIII will be released under a different name and that Sony has stepped in to fund the game.

Square Enix has kept quite and have refused to comment on the recent happenings. With E3 just on the horizon, the company is expected to put all rumors to rest by taking the stage and announcing the fate of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Could it be possible that Square Enix is saving Versus XIII for a release as a launch title for PlayStation 4 later this year?

Source. Gearnuke