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SWTOR: Operation Nightmare Detailed on Official Website

A dedicated page detailing the upcoming Operation Nightmare update for Stars Wars: The Old Republic has gone live.

A lot of the details mentioned on the page were already revealed to us earlier through various mini-announcements by BioWare. However, it’s always nice to go through the complete details nicely stacked on to a single page with preview images.

Operation Nightmare is currently scheduled for release on June 11.

The update will feature a new Nightmare mode for ‘Terror from Beyond’ and ‘Legions of Scum and Villainy’ operations.

In Terror from Beyond, players will go through five menacing bosses to take control of the Gree Hypergate and be rewarded with a new set of Kell Dragon gear; said to be “the most powerful PvE gear available”.

In Legions of Scum and Villainy players will be tasked with defeating the Hutt Cartel’s band of mercenaries and beasts. Rewards include a new “Titan 6 Containment Mode” Vehicle and the elite Kell Dragon gear set!

Other features include Underworld Gear Crafting, Guild XP and Reputation Bonuses, and finally Double XP Weekends which will begin from June 1st.

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