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Remember Me Live Action Trailer and New Concept Art

New concept art and a video from Remember Me recently surfaced on Playstation Europe blog. It seems like that the effort team has put to bring forth such a master-piece will certainly be remembered for a very long time.

You can always have a look at Antonie’s Journal if you wish to know about the world of Remember Me in more depth. For those of you who don’t know, Antonie Cartier-Wells is the founder of Memorize; a company which is extremely important in the world of Remember Me.

I can even go on to say that Antonie’s Journal can be considered as a prequel to the game; covering all the aspects and events which led Nilin to the world of Neo-Paris in 2084.

A new movie from Antonie’s story is also expected to release within this week and will mostly cover closing chapters of Antonie’s story where he remembers the events of the past.

Remember Me is a few days away from releasing officially around the globe and is already available for pre-order on Xbox Live Marketplace & Playstation Network. The pre-order edition contains some additional moves available to Nilin as a bonus.

All these additional moves can utilized in the Combo Lab where players will be able to customize their character to their own liking and unique fighting style. Remember Me offers a combat system which is one of its kind and you will seldom see this kind of combat system in any other action/adventure game.

Remember Me has something to offer to everyone. For example, if you are the kind of gamer who prefers complex combat system with thousands of variations available, you will enjoy this game immensely or if you are a gamer who is more into simpler approach towards things then you can always customize your fighting style and have things your way.

Remember Me is all set to release in June 2013 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 & Microsoft Windows.