Prey 2 Handed Over to Arkane Studios – Rumor

Following it’s promising reveal at E3 2011, Prey 2 met with unexpected hindrances throughout its development cycle. Publisher Bethesda kept on delaying the title, until finally announcing in April of last year that the game would not be released in 2012.

Shortly after there were reports that development of the sequel has entirely been put on hold. Though Bethesda stated that the game was not cancelled.

When it seemed that all hope for Prey 2 was lost, a new report has surfaced today which suggests that Bethesda has handed over development charges to Arkane Studios, the ones behind the magnificence that is Dishonored.

However, with this news comes also the realization that Prey 2 might now end up as something very different from what we saw previously.

Kotaku reports that Bethesda took away the project from Human Head, saying that they weren’t happy with their progress, and then took months in trying to get Arkane on board. Finally the studio accepted but wasn’t too zealous with the decision.

The report also suggests that all previous work and assets are being scrapped. So Prey 2 now is essentially a reboot in the hands of the new developers.

Human Head Studio has recently worked on BioShock: Infinite. Bethesda wouldn’t mention what forced them to take Prey 2 away from them or why they desperately wanted Arkane to reboot the title.

An announcement is expected shortly.