Monster Hunter 4 to Hit Stores in Japan this September

Capcom recently revealed the release date for Monster Hunter 4 which will hit stores all over Japan on September 14th, 2013. The game was previously rumored to launch somewhere in March 2013 but got delayed to this summer.

The reason being told for the delay was, “based on the decision that further quality enhancements are needed in order to meet the expectations and wishes of users.”

The producer of the game – Ryozo Tsujimoto – confirmed this release date for 3DS exclusive title during a Nintendo direct broadcast today. Along with the confirmation of release date, two Monster Hunter 4 hardware bundles were also revealed.

Though Capcom did not say anything about their plans of releasing the game in West. It is believed that we will get some news at E3 this year. Although it is highly unlikely as the reception of Monster Hunter 3 was pretty bad in West.

The broadcast held today by Nintendo also gave a whole new look at the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS game – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destiney – or Ace Attorney 5 as it’s commonly called in Japan where it will hit the stores on July 25th, 2013 and a digital-only version will be released in West somewhere in Autumn 2013.

Monster Hunter is an action/adventure open-world video game that is developed and published by Capcom. It is widely acclaimed in Japan region.