Xbox One Design Team Discusses “Holistic” Approach

A post describing the “holistic” design approach towards the Xbox One has been shared by Microsoft. It comes accompanied by a video as well which you can view above.

According to the post the console was designed so that it would look great in almost any living room. The “blackest black” theme makes it possible for Xbox One to blend in while the colorful buttons on the controller stand out more.

“We wanted to think from a holistic perspective,” said creative director, design Ramiro Torres. “When designing anything on Xbox, you have to consider everything from the way the hardware and user interface looks, to the way the box and branding is expressed. Everything has a role in the way you experience a brand.”

“Many people may not notice some of the small design touches,” said designer Carl Ledbetter, an 18-year veteran of Microsoft who led industrial design on Xbox 360 S and Kinect.

“But we take pride in our craftsmanship in making sure everything is perfect. We want to create something that is exciting and will please our customers, both old and new. Nailing every last detail is critical.

“Having the design and engineering teams working closely together was paramount to the design process. It makes it faster and more efficient, and allowed us to rapidly prototype new samples for testing. Constant iteration was instrumental.”

Earlier Microsoft stated that they were feeling confident for the upcoming E3 conference and would surprise the world.