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Ten New Levels Introduced to Badland For Free

Badland is now bigger and better and it promises to keep getting better.

Badland just received 10 brand new levels for absolutely no charges at all and more levels are expected to release by the end of June or early July at most. This is according to game’s official website.

Badland puts players in the boots of a jungle inhabitant who has vouched to find out why the once ideal environment is now infested with dangers. You can have a wide variety of power-ups for your character and the most amazing thing is that it includes a four-player local multiplayer on a same device. Badland is compatible with devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.

For those of you who don’t know, Badland is created by Frogmind, which is a studio formed by two men who are also behind the famous game – Trials Evolution. Badland has won several awards until now that includes; Best Project Award, Sony’s Best Project Award and Indie Sensation Award.

And another thing that might interest you is; according to Frogmind; Badland currently have more than 150,000 players playing the game.

The new levels are now up for grab at iTunes App Store for free.