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PS4 Will Feature Remote Play For Every Game

Sony has just made it official, remote play support will be a mandatory requirement for each game before they approve it for sale, barring a few titles that rely heavily on Eyetoy gameplay.

The news comes via of Eurogamer and has been confirmed on Twitter by none other than Shuhei Yoshida himself.

What Remote play does is that it basically turns your PS Vita into a TV screen. You can start a game on the PS4 and select the remote play option, from then on the PS4 will directly stream the game screen to your PS Vita, which will essentially function as both screen and controller.

The PS4 can stream it to your handheld through both Wi-Fi or through an internet connection, so if your PS Vita has a good Internet package there’s nothing stopping you from walking out the front door with it.

Remote play wasn’t as popular as Sony and many gamers had hoped as not many developers supported it due to how it cut into the limited processing power of the PS3. However, with the new technology of the PS4 which includes hardware video encoding for Remote Play and screen-sharing support powered by Gaikai’s streaming technology, developers should not have to suffer too much of a performance impact on their games.