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PayDay 2: Pre-Ordering Gets You the Lootbag DLC

PayDay 2 releases in retail stores this August and at the same time will also be arriving on the PlayStation Network.

If you’re interested in getting a physical copy, then know that you’ll be entitled to the Lootbag DLC if you pre-order the game.

The Lootbag boasts the following contents:

  • Military red dot weapon sight available for use on all rifles and shotguns
  • Bundle of in-game cash
  • Skull mask
  • Black and red mask
  • Mask with “I Love OVERKILL!”

On steam the game has two pre-order options. The “Lootbag” option is already listed above and costs $29.99. It’s accompanied by the “Career Criminal Edition” for $49.99, which comes with the Lootbag, original soundtrack, two beta keys, in-game discounts, a heisting guide, and blueprints.

PayDay 2 will be available later this year for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.