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Online Passes Vanishing from EA Games

A few weeks ago, EA announced that they were going to be abolishing the online pass program that plagued a number of their titles. The passes often proved to be more frustrating then some gamers were ready for, and many people felt like they were being cheated by EA.

Despite this sort of controversy, they continued to create games with these online passes. Leaving portions of a game locked behind a “pay-wall” left a bitter taste in people’s mouths and it seems that EA are finally listening to reason.

Well, everything appears to be starting as a number of EA games have suddenly been found without the online pass requirement to use all of their features.

Games that came with certain exclusives if they were purchased new have also converted; for example American McGee’s Alice which was available as a freebie for anybody who bought Alice: Madness Returns brand new is now downloadable by anyone who has Madness Returns without having to pay anything extra.

In some cases, the passes still exist but have become free, meaning you get the same effect without having to pay anything. In others, the passses are still there but are sure to be removed eventually.

Currently only certain Xbox 360 titles have been updated like this through Xbox Live, with no word on when or if a PlayStation Network update is coming. EA have stated though that these rolling updates might take several weeks, so we may need just a bit of patience.

For now, here’s a complete list of games that have been affected by these changes on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

What’s your take on this move by EA?