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Miiverse Update Brings Forth Major Changes & Features

In a dialogue with Polygon, a spokesperson of Nintendo America told that the recent update for Miiverse will introduce users to new features such as the ability to post and delete text posts.

Not only this, but this update will also enable users to follow or unfollow others. It also displays the list of the people you are following. Users will be able to change their profile settings and their privacy settings enabling them to choose who would be able to make comments on their posts through a web browser.

Those who are not members or are not signed-in can also see the posts just by loading a URL.

Miiverse launched for Wii U during last November and made it’s debut on PCs and Smart Phones via web browsers earlier this year.

If you own a Nintendo 3DS then don’t consider yourself out of luck as there is a 3DS version under development and will soon hit the market.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Miiverse is a communication system or a social networking platform for Nintendo Wii U, PC and Smart Phones which allows users to communicate with one another and interact with each other. Pretty much what any social networking website does!