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Microsoft Marketing: “We are Going to Kill Sony at E3”

Clearly someone is either unaware of the uproar created following Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal event or they are just plain arrogant.

During an interview with IGN Spain Craig Davidson, Microsoft’s director of global marketing stated that “Xbox One will surprise the world during E3”. He then went on to add, “we will kill Sony at E3”.

As things stand, killing Sony at E3 is a necessity as far as Microsoft is concerned. The consumer base, specifically the core-gamers are unimpressed and want to know what games the Xbox One will be offering.

Microsoft previously announced that the Xbox One will see to 15 exclusive titles within the first year of launch, 8 of which are entirely new IPs. That sounds terrific but sadly we’ve yet to see them.

Additionally Microsoft is also yet to clarify their stance on used games and online DRM, which was supposed to happen following the reveal but didn’t. For such an important event, you’d think the press team was handed with the same data. However, as we saw, each gave his own version with claims of no online connectivity required, while another stated you’d have to connect your console online at least once every day.

All of this mess needs to be cleared up at E3 and if Microsoft thinks they can achieve that; good luck to them then.