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Massive Chalice – The New Kickstarter Project from Double Fine

Double Fine have taken once again to Kickstarter to fund their next game, titled Massive Chalice. They successfully funded Broken Age last year on Kickstarter and are hoping that they can crowdfund another awesome title.

This newest game is being headed by the creator of Iron Brigade, Brad Muir. There’s a lot of scope for Massive Chalice, considering that they want to create a turn-based strategy game that has in-depth kingdom management and XCOM style squad management, with a system that allows you to manage the bloodlines and families of your people so that you can help foster the qualities in your people that you’d want of a mighty hero.

Your role in Massive Chalice is that of an immortal monarch reigning over his kingdom and protecting the people from a demonic invasion. You’ll assemble a team of heroes to help fend off the foul demons that plague your land, but there are a few catches.

Each hero who isn’t killed in battle will eventually succumb to old age, so even your mightiest characters will come to an end eventually. If a hero does die of old age, or is retired early, then they’ll leave behind powerful relics that can be used by their descendants. An important part of the management system is knowing when to retire one of your heroes so that they can start a family and breed the next generation of heroes, inheriting traits from their parents and passing them down to their progeny.

Much like XCOM, if someone dies then it’s a perma-death. However, by creating a strong bloodline you’ll be able to continue their legacy forever.

The Kickstarter is open now and is already close to being funded. The lowest pledge rate is $20, which will get you a DRM free copy of Massive Chalice, with the higher rates getting you all sorts of rewards to go with your game.