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Limbo Making Its Way to Vita

It has been nearly three years since the delightful, if somewhat traumatising, little indie game, Limbo. The dark tones of Limbo left us with a taste in our mouths that we’d be chasing for months to come, as the tragic narrative of this romp through the edge of hell stuck with many of the people who played it.

Limbo originally released on the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, PC/Mac/Steam and OnLive and millions of gamers got to enjoy this fantastic indie title. Now it’s making its way onto PlayStation Vita, marking the first portable version of Limbo ever since the original release back in July 2010.

Now, it’s been on PlayStation Network for a while now but Limbo has never been a title available for the PlayStation Vita. As of June 4, it will be available via PSN as a new game playable on the PS Vita for just $14.99. \

This latest version of Limbo will play just as well as any other version of the game and the developers have promised that this port doesn’t compromise the experience whatsoever. June 4 is next Tuesday. Be sure to mark it in your diaries.

Playdead, the developers behind this indie gem, have been working hard together with Double Eleven to create this new Vita version of Limbo.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first venture into the monochromatic universe of Limbo, and I can’t wait to look back on those initial experiences again through this latest medium.

If you’ve not played Limbo before, then I highly recommend this game. This is one of many video games that have helped to prove that video games can be art, as well as sneaking its way to the top of many charts on the year of its release. It will certainly leave a lasting mark with anybody who plays it.